Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Trinidad & Tobago Red Cross Society in partnership with the Ministry of Rural Development & Local Government now offers VIRTUAL Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training Programme.

This programme is the first step to support your community to becoming more resilient by getting trained to voluntarily respond to disasters and emergencies. Our national CERT Programme has been actively training communities to take ownership of their disaster situations until professional help arrives. CERT training provides valuable skills individuals and families can use to protect themselves, and the wider community in times of crisis, saving lives and protecting the environment. – In order to join the over three thousand plus CERT Volunteers across Trinidad, you and your family can sign up for this FREE unique virtual training programme.

What you will learn:

  • Types of hazards most likely to affect your homes and communities
  • The function of CERT and your role in immediate response
  • How to prepare you and your neighbours for a disaster
  • Identify and reduce potential fire hazards in your homes and workplaces
  • Work as a team to apply basic fire suppression to extinguish small fires
  • How to use basic first aid for various injuries
  • How to apply techniques for opening airways, controlling bleeding, and treating shock
  • How to conduct triage, perform head-to-toe assessments, and to set up a treatment area
  • Identify planning and size-up requirements for potential search and rescue situations
  • Common techniques for searching a structure
  • Safe techniques for debris removal and victim extrication
  • Ways to protect rescuers during search and rescue
  • Proper way to build a sandbag wall


Our 2022 CERT Training Programme is now better with the inclusion of a new MODULE – Community Hydrological Observers Training Programme – this additional training will provide participants with a wealth of knowledge on Hydrological Monitoring and an opportunity to become a Community Hydrological Observer.

CHOs are volunteers who collect flood data using the Trinidad & Tobago Community Flood Early Warning System (CFEWS) App.

We are looking for participants from:
• Couva
• Maraval
• Cunupia
• Papourie
• Lower Diego Martin
• St. Anns
• Arouca
• San Juan
• Manuel Congo/Lower Gunapo
• North Oropuche
• Caparo
• Guaracara
• Cipero
• Poole
• Ortoire
• Moruga
• South Oropuche
• Caroni
to be trained as the first cohort of Community Hydrological Observers.


The CERT training will be delivered in nine (9) 2 to 3-hour virtual sessions.

  • Saturday 12th March 2022 – Disaster Preparedness & Team Organization
  • Sunday 13th March – Disaster Medical Operations 1 & 2
  • Saturday 19th March 2022 – Community Hydrological Observers Training (NEW)
  • Sunday 20th March 2022 – Disaster Psychology and CERT & Terrorism
  • Saturday 26th March 2022 – Fire Safety & Light Search and Rescue

Final Exam – Upon completion of the training modules, you will be given a link to access the final examination. In addition, you will experience a live CERT Simulation that will bring together all the training elements, and skills. It is meant to solidify your understanding of how CERTs function in disaster response. The date is to be confirmed for the virtual CERT Simulation.


 How to participate:


The ideal candidate for participation in the Virtual CERT Training Programme will be:

  • Families who are committed to provide voluntary service by responding to disasters and emergencies. Due to the nature of this virtual training persons desirous of participating must have at least a household size of three in order to have close contacts to practice the skills learnt.
  • Of good physical fitness and capable to participating in the skill sessions
  • Willing to lead and be led.
  • A good communicator
  • A role model in their community and share disaster preparedness information



Use this link to complete the pre-registration form:


You will receive an email from  to complete a short Zoom Registration. Upon completion of this registration you will receive links to all the sessions as well as further instructions and materials you may need.

DEADLINE for registration – Wednesday 9th March, 2022 at 4:00pm