Trinidad & Tobago Municipal Police Service

History of the Trinidad and Tobago Municipal Police Service (TTMPS)

The Municipal Police Service can be traced as far back as 1830s when a British legal system was introduced. Nearly every village of importance from Cedros to Toco had its little police station with a sergeant, corporal and two constables. In the city of Port-of-Spain and (then) borough of San Fernando, the officers were still vested with certain odd responsibilities such as manning the horse drawn fire engine (until the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service was formed in the 1950s), acting as postmen and even the impounders of feral goats. Fully incorporated by the Municipal Corporations Act of 1990, each borough, city and regional corporation has its cadre of dedicated and hardworking municipal police whose interesting history and sterling work have long since been side-lined in the wider law enforcement landscape. In 2014, fourteen (14) Municipal Police Services were amalgamated into one (1) organization named the Trinidad and Tobago Municipal Police Service (TTMPS).


Vision: Leading the Way in Customer Oriented Policing

Mission: Partnering with burgesses and stakeholders in all communities, engendering a feeling of safety and trust, through quality service, with integrity and professionalism.

Motto: Serving Communities, Combatting Crime

Purpose Statement: To generate and maintain the feeling of a safe, comfortable and secure environment for those living, working and visiting the municipalities, by policing with professionalism, integrity and impartiality.

TTMPS Core Values :

  • Leadership– Leaders must lead by example and as leaders in the community we all have an obligation to advance that leadership quality in serving all our stakeholders and guiding those that follow.
  • Quality Service – To administer a high degree of professionalism when executing our duties. To provide good feedback while showing sympathy and empathy.
  • Community Oriented– Reaching out to all our burgesses with impartiality, fairness and addressing the needs of individuals.
  • Collaboration– Engaging our burgesses and all stakeholders; building a new culture and renewing a sense of community partnership by addressing community concerns.
  • Integrity– Doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do; with honesty and displaying ethical and moral values.