Media Release

Minister Kazim Hosein encourages citizens to report illegal dumping


January 1st, 2018 Kent House, Maraval – After traversing through severely impacted areas such as Caroni, Woodland, Barrackpore, St. Helena, Piarco, Caparo, Sangre Grande and Rio Claro, one of the contributors leading to flooding was identified as illegal dumping of garbage into the major drains and waterways.

Minister of Rural Development and Local Government and Acting Minister of Works and Transport Haji Kazim Hosein is urging citizens to take heed and report any cases of illegal dumping to their respective Municipal Corporations saying, “Illegal dumping is a serious issue and we as a people must work together to stop persons from throwing garbage through their car windows, on the roads and especially in waterways. Improper disposal of debris is one of the leading causes of flooding as the garbage causes drains to become clogged and prevents the run-off of water. In order for this problem to be resolved, we must obey the laws of our country and properly dispose our garbage.”

Let us be mindful of our surroundings and make every effort to keep our communities and by extension our beloved country clean by reporting illegal dumping and spreading the message of the adverse effects of littering.