Public Health and Sanitation

Applying for a food badge

Applicants must visit the relevant County Medical Officer of Health or Medical Officer of Health at the respective Municipal Corporation to collect

  1. An application form
  2. A medical form
  3. A bank deposit voucher for the application fee

Important information to Note:

  • All applicants must fill out an application form and must have the medical form completed by the applicant’s doctor.
  • The stipulated application fee must be deposited to the Municipal Corporation’s account.
  • The application form, medical form and bank deposit voucher receipt must be presented to the Municipal Corporation’s Medical Officer of Health
  • If the applicant is medically fit, Schedule III is given for completion.
  •  The applicant must attend a relevant lecture at the nearest Health Facility.
  •  The applicant must complete, sign and submit Schedule III to the Corporation’s Medical Officer of Health and receive Schedule IV which is signed by the Public Health Inspector.
  •  The applicant receives a laminated food badge which is valid for one (1) year.

Cleaning of septic tanks and private cesspools

To make a request for the cleaning of septic tanks and private cesspools, the applicant must visit the Public Health Department of the Municipal Corporation.

The Municipal Corporation will provide a voucher which the applicant must take to the bank for payment of the appropriate fees.

The applicant must return the stamped voucher to the Public Health Department.

The service is delivered within one week unless there is an emergency.

Garbage collection and disposal

All Municipal Corporations provide routine service, at least three (3) times a week for household refuse, and as the need arises for bulk waste.

For enquiries contact the Municipal Corporation responsible for your district.

Applying for a health certificate

Interested persons should collect an application form for a Health Certificate from the Medical Officer of Health at your respective Municipal Corporation.

Fill out and return the application form to the Municipal Corporation. A Public Health Inspector from the Municipal Corporation will investigate, inspect and report on the suitability of the premises.

If the premises are deemed suitable, a Letter of Recommendation is forwarded to the presiding Magistrate of the District Court.

The Court issues a health certificate based on the recommendation of the Municipal Corporation.

Applying for a water service connection

An application form for water connection can be collected from any office of the Water and Sewage Authority.

The completed application form is submitted to the County Medical Officer of Health following which, the Public Health Department carries out an investigation and makes a recommendation.

If the application is recommended, both the recommendation and approval are documented on the original application form.

The approved application form must be taken to the Water and Sewage Authority and the relevant payment made. Costs are determined by WASA and WASA makes the water connection.

Truck borne water supply

A truck borne water supply service is provided by all Municipal Corporations on an approved schedule to all areas not served by a pipe borne water supply.

Persons who require a truck borne water supply service must make a verbal or written request to the Local Government Representative or Public Health Inspector at the respective Municipal Corporation.

Water is delivered based on a priority listing e.g. institutions such as schools and health facilities will be served before households.

Investigation of public health complaints

Members of the public may make a complaint regarding public health nuisances to the relevant Municipal Corporation by either calling or visiting the County Medical Officer of Health and providing all information pertaining to the issue.

The Public Health Inspector for the area will investigate the matter and take appropriate action.