Burial and Cremation

Permission for the burial or cremation of a deceased

An application to utilize the public cemeteries and cremation facilities controlled by Municipal Corporations must be made to the Cemetery Keeper at the respective Municipal Corporation.


When applying for burial of a deceased person, the death certificate of the deceased person must be presented.

A deposit voucher is prepared and given to the applicant/s so that the appropriate fee can be deposited. Fees are paid to the Corporation’s bank account or Cemetery Keeper.

A copy of the deposit voucher receipt must be taken to the Cemetery Keeper who will supervise the burial.


Applicants must obtain the related documentation from the funeral home.

The application form has five attachments for which information must be obtained:

  • Applicant Information
    • Basic Information about the applicant including name, address, contact information.
  • Police Permission
    • The Police will provide the applicant with a permit to cremate the body. This section is filled by the police upon receipt of all other required information.
  • Doctor’s Report.
  • Confirmation of attending Doctor.
  •  Post-mortem

The following steps are involved in:

–          Front and back copies of the national identification cards of the applicant and the deceased.

–          A death registration must be made within five (5) days at the Registrar of Births and Deaths in the district where the death occurred.

–          A death certificate must be obtained from the Registrar of Births and Deaths.

Please note that a booking is required to schedule the cremation if using the Port-of-Spain City Corporation’s Crematorium.