Community Services

Assistance for self-help projects

All Municipal Corporations give assistance to self-help community based projects.

No financial assistance is given but communities can access technical expertise, for example the use of a tractor.

The organisation/individual seeking help from a Municipal Corporation must first get the approval of the National Self-Help Commission (hyperlink).

The request to the Commission must include a project plan, which identifies the nature and scope of the project, information regarding the arrangements for funding the project and the assistance sought from the Municipal Corporation.

Permission to erect fountains, statues and monuments

Individuals or organizations must make a request in writing to the relevant Municipal Corporation for the area that will be utilized for the fountain, statue or monument.

Technical assistance from the Municipal Corporation may be provided if the project is approved.

How to apply for use of markets stalls

Application forms for the use of market stalls are available from the Clerk of the Market at the Municipal Corporation.  The form must be filled out and returned to the respective Municipal Corporation.

All applications are presented to the Municipal Corporation Council for approval. Upon approval by the Council, a license to vend is issued to the applicant.

The process takes approximately one (1) month.

Applicants are advised to call the Municipal Corporations as fees vary for the category of stall requested.

Technical advice and assistance

Individuals or organizations requesting technical advice or assistance from a Municipal Corporation should be write to the Local Government Representative, Chief Executive Officer or Chairman/Mayor of the Municipal Corporation outlining the nature of the advice/assistance required.

The Municipal Corporations provide advice for the construction of walls, fences etc. and such assistance as cutting fields, playgrounds, repairs to schools etc.

Use of stages, recreation grounds and parks

  • Groups/individuals must apply in writing to the Chief Executive Officer or the Chairman or the Chairman/Mayor of the Municipal Corporation, or contact the Local Government Representative for the area.
  • Give pertinent details such as name of club or person, address, telephone number (if available) and purpose for which required.
  • Service fees apply. Therefore applicants are advised to call the Municipal Corporations for information as fees vary.

Provision and maintenance of parks and sporting facilities

All Municipal Corporations undertake routine maintenance of parks and sporting facilities.  Groups and /or individuals can also make a request to the Municipal Corporation.