Media Release

Minister Kazim Hosein encourages citizens to work with all service providers in their communities

February 23, 2018 Kent House, Maraval – Minister of Rural Development and Local Government Haji Kazim Hosein has made an appeal to the public to adopt a more collaborative approach to all service providers in every community. He specifically made reference to the garbage collectors, public health officers, litter wardens, and Municipal Police Officers who regularly traverse the regions, boroughs and cities of Trinidad and who habitually interact with the public.

Minister Kazim Hosein empathizes with the public saying, “Services such as scavenging, remain an essential to the every community. Failure to collect garbage on a regular basis can lead to numerous health risks. We at the Ministry want to bring service delivery closer to the people, and help to forge deeper ties between all service providers and the communities in which they operate. Everyone should be able to recognize the Municipal Police Officers, the garbage men, the public health inspectors, so that they know who they can turn to for help, and so they can feel safe seeing familiar faces in the area.”

Minister Hosein further urged members of the public and service providers alike, to work together to keep our surroundings clean and safe, and to build community relations. “A key element of local government reform is improving the delivery of goods and services provided at this level. Developing better customer service is one part of it, and building these ties in the community is certainly the other. We must continue to work together so that we can make lasting progress.”